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BTB Creditz is your choice of licensed moneylender in Singapore.

At one point in time, you will encounter financial difficulties. Fortunately, you can get quick cash without going through tedious bank processes or pawning off your most prized jewellery. At Btb Creditz, we make it out mission to serve those in need by providing value for customers rather than maximising our profits.

We make sure to provide our borrowers with easy, fast, and convenient loans in Singapore as you go through the toughest times of your life. We offer personal loans and expat loans, which you can use for any purpose. More importantly, we offer flexible repayment options for loans depending on your financial situation. We understand that loan repayments can be quite burdensome for borrowers so we make it a point to cater them depending on your circumstances.

Whether it’s for payment of your child’s school tuition, purchase of new shoes, catch up in payment on late bills, or any other matter, you can apply for a Singapore personal loan at Btb Creditz. Being a licensed moneylender, you are assured that we are backed up by credible institutions so you can feel safe that you secured a loan from us.

Apply for Loans today and Put an End to your Financial Woes

If you have weighed the circumstances and believed that a personal loan in Singapore is the best option to finance your current need, Btb Creditz will be there to assist you. Simply fill up the application form, get copies of your identification and income-related documents, and submit them to one of our loan officers for immediate processing. After you have submitted the required documents, our agents will evaluate them. Expect a call from us in as fast as less than 24 hours.

Once your loan is approved, the money will be deposited directly to your account. You can freely discuss the repayment options for the loan. It is common for borrowers to default on the payment of their loans because of high interest rates that come with them, and hence, we suggest that you make sure to raise your concerns regarding the payment terms of your loan. This will help you in managing your finances and meeting your obligations with your licensed moneylender in Singapore.

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Getting a personal loan is a major financial decision and you have to really weigh the consequences. Remember to review all your options wisely before applying for one. Since applying for personal loans or loans for expats usually involves high interest rates, we strongly suggest that you make additional research first. Once you decide to secure a loan from Btb Creditz, we will help you in your financial situation and assist you in meeting your financial obligations. Know more about our products and services.

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